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MJR Company does not manufacture classical range of products designed for selling on the market.

We design and manufacture exclusively custom made tools and moulds. Our customers come with the basic idea and we produce the tools and moulds specifically designed for their needs and requirements. We are capable of manufacturing casts and moulds according to the exact and precise specifications and requirements given by our clients.

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On the other hand, our client can come to us with just a vague idea about the product he needs and leave everything else to us. We will create the complete solution which includes concept design, detailed developing project, 3D modeling, construction and finishing touches for many of our clients.

Tool blueprint

We design and manufacture all kinds of tools and are proud of the fact that we haven't turned down a single client regardless of how difficult, unusual or complex his requirements have been.

It's hard to specify all kinds of tools and moulds we construct, since there are so many of them. Approximately, the categories are:

We also provide all kinds of services on CNC mortiser, erosion machine, lathe, grinder as well as injecting plastic parts, etc. plus we do tool overhauling.

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We'd like to specially introduce our air guide for air conditioners, the best solution for the uncomfortable feeling caused by cold air from the air conditioner.

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